VODA SWIM bathing suit washing and care methods

1. Do not use laundry bags, washing machines, and dryers, which will cause deformation and damage to the bikini
2. After each use, please wash by hand immediately with cold water or non-chlorine detergent (do not bleach)
3. Please wash separately, do not wash with other clothes
4. After cleaning, please lay it flat and dry immediately, do not soak in water
5. Do not put wet goods and other clothing together to avoid staining
6. You can use a towel to lightly press to absorb excess water, and then lay it flat to dry.
7. Place the bikini cup upside down, spread it out and place it to dry. For wooden beads and tassels, please hang them upside down to dry.
8. There are stains that cannot be washed off, you can use more than 75% cleaning alcohol to wipe gently, and clean with water when the alcohol is not completely dry, to avoid leaving clean marks
9. Bikini cups are stacked on each other. If they are recessed, they will recover after a few days. If they cannot be pressed, the bikini cup shape will not be restored. * Avoid hitting the gold buckle and do not use a dehydrator to avoid gold buckles. The surface protection layer is peeled off and oxidized. The gold ornaments must be dried before storing to avoid rust.

* When applying sunscreen, wait until the sunscreen is absorbed before putting on a bikini, and avoid applying it to the bikini to avoid chemical damage to the surface and lining of the bikini.
* It is normal for bikinis to fade slightly during the first few washing times, so they must be washed separately to prevent dyes from contaminating other clothes